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What are the Benefits of Dried Apricots

By Malatya Dried Fruits - 13 Apr 2022
What are the Benefits of Dried Apricots

When dried fruit is mentioned, the first thing that comes to mind will be dried apricots after raisins. The benefits of  dried apricots which is frequently preferred especially for its digestive benefits of course, are not limited to this.

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Benefits of Dried Apricot

Dried apricot is a digestive-friendly fruit due to its high fiber content. For this reason, it is often preferred by those who have constipation problems.

We would like to point out that dried apricot, which is a vitamin-rich food, contains vitamins A, C and E, and is also rich in potassium, iron and calcium.

Whether you want sun-dried apricots or yellow the benefits of dried apricots  do not differ from each other. So, what are the benefits of dried apricots, How many dried apricots should be eaten per day and Does dried apricot gain weight?


Which Diseases Are Dried Apricots Good For?

  • Dried apricots are among the foods that strengthen the immune system There is also dried apricot, which contains rich vitamins and minerals, you can strengthen your immune system if you regularly consume dried apricots.< /li>
  • Because it contains vitamin A called retinol, it is important in terms of preventing eye diseases or preventing their progression. 
  • Dried apricot, which is a fibrous food, lowers bad cholesterol. This will be effective in protecting your heart health. Moreover, the potassium in dried apricots will regulate the electrolyte levels in your body. For your coat health 
  • Retinol is also useful in removing the appearance of wrinkles on the skin. You can have a younger and healthier skin by consuming 1 handful of dried apricots a day.
  • Dried apricots can be preferred as a snack during the weight loss process as it is both nutritious, satiating and fibrous food.
  • The most well-known benefits of  dried apricots, which is a fibrous food , is that it is good for constipation. It regulates your digestive system. Especially drinking water on dried apricots eliminates the problem of indigestion.
  • The benefits of dried apricots It would not be a lie if we say that it strengthens bones. Because dried apricots contain plenty of calcium. Moreover, with the potassium content of apricot, calcium is absorbed much faster in the bones. It is recommended that especially women in the menopause period consume dried apricots.
  • The presence of iron in the content of dried apricots creates a useful nutritional alternative in anemia.


How Many Dried Apricots Should You Eat Per Day?

For people who are in the process of losing weight, it is recommended to consume 3 dried apricots as a snack. In general, the daily consumption of dried apricots should be 1 handful with the person's own palm size. This corresponds to 6-8 pieces.


Does Dried Apricots Gain Weight?

Does dried apricots make you lose weight If we look at it in terms of weight loss, you can include dried apricots in your diet program, although it does not have the ability to lose weight on its own. Apart from facilitating digestion and burning fat,  calories of dried apricots are low. While keeping you full, it will meet your vitamin and mineral needs in a balanced way.

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