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General Information About Malatya Sun Dried Apricots

By Malatya Dried Fruits - 5 Mar 2022
General Information About Malatya Sun Dried Apricots

Sun dried apricots are obtained as a result of drying the ripe apricots in direct sunlight without being subjected to any chemical treatment such as sulphurization after picking (the name of sun dried apricots comes from this).


How is Malatya Sun Dried Apricot Produced?

If the apricots are dried in the sun before they are mature enough, the desired brown color and sweet flavor with the taste of citric delight cannot be achieved. Of course, this color, flavor and consistency cannot be achieved only with ripe apricots and enough sunlight. At the same time, it requires years of knowledge and experience.

Apricots should not be exposed to rain while on display in daylight. It should not be collected early. It should not be delayed. Fortunately, the farmers of Malatya, the world's apricot capital, have this knowledge and experience in abundance. For this reason, although almost every part of our country is suitable for apricot agriculture, finding dried apricots produced in taste, color and odor (these are the three most obvious qualities sought for dried apricots, when one of them is missing, one of the legs of the sheet remains in the air), it is especially difficult to find dried apricots. Dried apricots are getting harder to find.

When the dried apricots reach a certain consistency, the seeds are removed. In Malatya, this process is called blasting or making booties. This process also requires a serious delicacy because if the apricots are too dry, they become hard and it becomes difficult to crack the core. When it is too soft, the inner part sticks to the core and tends to come out with the core, which makes the job seriously difficult.

In summary, serious attention and experience is required even for this job alone. After the blasting work is completed, the dried apricots are left to dry for a while and when it is thought to be dry enough, they are collected and stored in a cool and dry place.

Produced apricots are brought by the farmers to the Great Şire Market in Malatya, where they are offered to both the country and the world market.


Consumption and Storage Conditions of Malatya Sun Dried Apricot

Dried Apricots must be washed before consumption. Because after drying for a certain period of time, it has hardened and is not very suitable for direct consumption. Therefore, before consumption, it should be washed and softened by moistening a little. After washing, it should be consumed without waiting too long. Otherwise, the color may darken.

In general, sun-dried apricots should be stored in a cool and dry place. However, when you do not have such an opportunity, it should be stored dry in the refrigerator if possible, and when you want to consume it, it should be washed and moistened as much as you will eat.

When you act in this way, there will be no problem with the product. Otherwise, apricots may become moth-ridden, wormy, turn sour when wet, moldy and discolored, and thus their taste may deteriorate. Thus, the color, smell and taste, which are the three important features sought in sun-dried apricots, are spoiled.


The Reason for Price Difference in Malatya Sun Dried Apricots

Price differences can be observed in the products supplied to both Turkey and Malatya markets in sun-dried apricots. The reason for this difference is primarily due to quality. Of course, the price can be high as transportation costs are added to the cost in distant cities.

Contrary to other products in the market, if there is a significant downward difference in the price of a product, this is due to the fact that one or more of the three important factors (color, smell, taste) that should be present in apricots, as we mentioned above, are defective. In short, the product either has a bad taste, smell is not good or has changed color.

Another reason for price instability is the size difference in the product, that is, it is related to the number of pieces per kilogram. However, an apricot that is small in size has no difference in taste from the big ones. It is a well-known misconception that large-grained apricots are more delicious than small apricots.


Benefits of Malatya Sun Dried Apricots

This fruit, which is knitted around with all kinds of troubles, also hides many benefits in its bosom, despite the troubles it causes during the production phase. First of all, it provides a more systematic operation of the intestines, which is now called the second brain of the body by experts, regulates liver functions, keeps it full, renews the skin, is energizing, is beneficial for eye health with its vitamins A, C and E, is rich in potassium, magnesium. It has many benefits such as heart health and protection against heart attack, which has become the disease of our age, as a source of calcium. Of course, with all these, dried apricot is not a medicine. It is not used directly in the treatment of a disease. Just like all other foods, sun-dried apricots should be consumed in moderation and should not be overdone.

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