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Differences Between Malatya Apricot Kernels

By Malatya Dried Fruits - 10 Feb 2022
Differences Between Malatya Apricot Kernels

Today, we will be sharing with you the differences between Bitter Apricot Kernel, Sun Dried Apricot Kernel and Smoked Apricot Kernel. The name of the apricot kernels as Sun Dried Apricot Kernel and İslimli Apricot Kernel is due to the method used while drying the apricots.


Sun Dried Apricot Kernel

Sun Dried Apricot Kernels are apricot kernels obtained by naturally drying apricots. The dried apricot variety, known as Sun Dried Apricot, is obtained by drying the apricots under the sun in the natural environment without any chemical treatment.

Sun Dried Apricots and seeds are offered to your service by briefly going through the following stages.

1- Carefully collected Malatya Apricots are arranged on a clean cloth. The sun-exposed sides of apricots that are under the sun for a certain period of time soften a little.

Then, the harder lower surfaces of the apricots are turned upside down to see the sun. Apricots, which are left to dry in this way for a while, soften a little, and the seeds are removed by pressing gently so as not to damage the apricot.

This process is also referred to as "Screwing". After this process, apricot kernels and apricots are separated. The apricots, whose seeds have been removed, are kept under the sun until they are thoroughly dried. In the meantime, the reverse process is applied again so that both sides are completely dry.

2- The shells of the seeds separated from the apricots are removed. Apricot kernels, whose shells are separated, are laid out under the sun again and left to dry. After drying, the apricot kernels are ready for consumption.


Mild Apricot Kernel (Yellow Apricot Kernel)

İslimli Apricot kernels and İslimli Apricots are offered for consumption by briefly going through the following processes.

1- Carefully collected apricots are exposed to sulfur gas in a closed environment. After this process, apricots are left to dry in a shaded environment. The seeds are separated from the apricots that are left to dry by blasting.

2- After the kernels separated from the apricots are separated from their shells, they are left to dry in an airy place. Dried apricot kernels are ready to be consumed.


Bitter Apricot Kernel Kernel

As for the bitter apricot kernel, the drying process is exactly the same when dried on the same day. I can hear you saying what is the difference.

The difference of bitter apricot kernel is that it is obtained from ungrafted wild apricot. Wild apricot kernels are processed exactly the same as Sun Dried Apricot kernels and become ready for consumption. It is completely natural and does not go through any chemical process.

Bitter apricot kernels should not be consumed excessively. It should not exceed 4 or 5 per day. Excessive consumption can cause poisoning.

Thanks to the feedback from our customers, we learned that bitter apricot kernels are recommended by specialist doctors to our patients undergoing cancer treatment.

In addition, Malatya Turgut Özal University produces bitter apricot kernel products. In addition, the effect of bitter apricot kernels on cancer cases is being investigated. It is known that positive results were obtained in these studies.

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