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Difference of Seed Mulberry from Seedless Mulberry

By Malatya Dried Fruits - 25 Jan 2022
Difference of Seed Mulberry from Seedless Mulberry

Do you wonder the difference between  seedless mulberry and seedless mulberry?

Let's examine the difference together. Mulberry, which is known to have many benefits, can be consumed fresh in summer as well as dried for consumption in winter. If there are eggs in your home that love sweets and sugar, they will love to consume mulberry containing natural sugar instead of processed sugar. It can be classified as fresh and dry, white and black mulberry. There are also seeded and seedless mulberry types. In this article, we will examine the difference between seeded and seedless mulberry.

Although mulberry is grown in almost every region of our country, its quality varies according to the region where it is grown. Mulberry, which prefers a temperate climate, is grown in high quality and commercially in Elazig and its surrounding region and Malatya and its surrounding region in our country.

1. The first difference between Seedless and Seedless Mulberry is the regions where it is grown.
Seedless mulberry is grown in a limited area in the Elazig region. Because of this situation, there are less seeds in the market than mulberry. The seed mulberry sold on our site is grown in our Malatya region.

2-Seeded Mulberry  Another difference from Seedless Mulberry is its size.
Seed mulberry is larger than seedless mulberry.

3- Since the amount of natural sugar in the seedless mulberry is less than the seedless mulberry, its taste is lighter.

4- Since the amount of natural sugar in the 4-seed mulberry is more intense, its color is darker than the seedless mulberry.

You can choose according to your taste, considering the above differences. Both types of mulberry we offer are hygienically dried in their natural environment.

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