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We have been producing the highest quality dried fruits since 1991.

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It was established in the heart of the historical agricultural region of Malatya.

A proud legacy of manufacturing innovation lives in the center of Malatya. Since 1991, Malatya Dried Fruits has been producing the highest quality products that touch every taste with its dedication and experience.

The company's longevity is thanks to a dedicated team that is small enough to provide a completely bespoke manufacturing service but large enough to meet even the most demanding deadline. It is also thanks to the product itself - unique products that leading Turkish and international brands are proud to see embellished with their external appearance.

Made with ❤️ Malatya.

We were born and raised in Malatya. We are proud to be a part of the manufacturing legacy that has helped to elevate our products and make this sunny city stand out in the industry in a location renowned for its industrial and agricultural skills.

Our products are consumed with pleasure all over the world, but our heart always beats in our Malatya production factory, where each product is carefully and meticulously quality controlled.

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